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By accessing, reading or otherwise using this site, and any content within it, you are entering a terms of use agreement between lubdublife.com owner and yourself and hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein by your own free will.

Hold Harmless

The content of this site is entirely personal opinion and for information only.

Unless otherwise stated, all content belongs to lubdublife.com owner and does not represent the views or opinions of any people, profession, institutions or organisations that the owner may or may not be affiliated with in a personal or professional capacity.

Lubdublife.com does not accept responsibility for any outcome resulting from the use or interpretation of content displayed on this site or in any linked materials. Lubdublife.com owner is not responsible for the content of any linked sites.

The site may contain health or medical related content. This is for information only and does NOT substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and does NOT establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and lubdublife.com.

The content of the site is not guaranteed to be complete, accurate or up-to-date. Lubdublife.com is not responsible for any comments left on the site by its users, advertisers and sponsors.

Advertisements & Sponsors

The inclusion of third party advertisement on the site does not constitute an endorsement, affiliation, guarantee or recommendation and lubdublife.com does not accept any liability on their behalf. Any issues must be undertaken with the advertised company directly.

Copyright Policy & Reserve Rights

The owner of lubdublife.com reserves all rights to the content and focus of this site and may make alterations and deletions at their discretion without notice. Others may not use, print, modify or publish any content (written or multimedia) from this site without the owner’s written consent.

By posting content onto the site or affiliated social media you are granting the owner of lubdublife.com unlimited right to delete, display, publish, edit, copy and share the information contained therein at their discretion.

Use of any third party material and multimedia will be appropriately referenced.

Any opinions expressed by any third party are their own and do not represent the opinions of lubdublife.com

Privacy Statement

Lubdublife.com will not sell or share any of its readers’ personal contact information to another third party. Lubdublife.com may not be held responsible for the privacy practices of site advertisers or blog commenters.

Under no circumstances will patient identifiable data be released on this site. Any references made to medical cases may have patient names, dates, demographics, presentations and diagnosis altered to protect those in question.

Letters to the Editor

Any communication with the owner of lubdublife.com via email, comments and social media may be used to share with lubdublife.com audience and future publications, unless specifically requested otherwise. Any responses will be direct from the owner and their personal and honest opinion.

Thank You

Thanks to Doctomum for the disclaimer inspiration and showing me that disclaimers needn’t be boring, and to Thetraveltester for the guidance on how to write a disclaimer.

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