Run, Jeremy, Run

I wouldn’t really call myself political. Yet in the last few weeks I have found myself in the middle of a political debacle. I have watched more of Jeremy Hunt than I have of Netflix. I have joined a union and marched as one. I have petitioned and balloted. I have picketed and protested. My new twitter friends include Johann Malawana, Heidi Alexander and Jeremy Hunt. In few short weeks I have gone from a junior doctor to a militant doctor to a revolutionary.

Whilst I am not thrilled at the strike being suspended I am glad to just be able to go back to medicine for a bit whilst my more politically minded friends continue the fight. I hope Jeremy doesn’t see this as a sign of weakness but instead a testament of our strength and unity. We are reasonable people Jeremy but we will do what needs to be done if it comes to it. Despite your best efforts we remain united.  Also, thank you for reminding us what an arse-hole you are…

“BMA has finally realised what we’re trying to do is the right thing for doctors”

“Victory for common sense” 

We may not have sold our soul to the devil and attended the university of spinning and wangling but we will one day TREAT YOU.

May I remind you Mr Hunt that you are a mere mortal and like the rest of us your time will come. Your organs will fail you, as your mind already has, and there will come a time when you will come to us for help.

When that time comes…we will be ready, waiting for you.

In the wise words of a man with better grasp of reality than you Mr Hunt

“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone” – Justin Bieber 2015


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